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This Site is Not about Selling Jewelry
As a matter of fact more of the Be Still Symbols have been given away apposed to selling them. So why are they being offered? Because The Keeper wanted anyone to be able to posses the Symbol. He went to great lengths to have the jewelry made. First the design was sent to New York to be rendered in 3d Cad. Then sent to Californian to be made into wax molds. The wax molds ended up in Mexico to be cast. The company that does the casting is owned by Jose Conrado Trapero Alessio. One of the best silversmiths in Mexico.

The Jewelry is expensive because it was made in small quantities. The quality of the pieces is as good as it gets. Sterling Silver is .925. The Be Still Symbols are .950. When it came to the necklaces there was no skimping out. These chains come from Italy and are of the best quality. If you bought them separately from any decent proprietor you could expect to pay at least $40.00.

Quite a bit of work went into this site. The message is key. It was assumed that anyone that picked up on the message may want to possess the symbol as a display of its true meaning. The Symbol has been copyrighted by The Keeper. If you're interested in wearing the Symbol, you can only get it here. However, The Keeper also stated that if the jewelry ever interfered with the message it would be removed from the site.

The Be Still Message Is all that really matters.

This site is really about delivering a message. A message from God to all Mankind.

In a nut shell the message is:

Mankind is shifting away from God. We are all one, and as one we appear as light. That light is dimming. We are being consumed by the negative forces. God's awareness of this fact is pining for you. He wants you to Be Still. The only way to make the light shine brighter is to have conscious awareness of him. Allow his waves to direct your life. God is all there really is. Everything you have is by his grace. Be warned! You are about to be tested!

This Symbol Be Still Symbol Stop Sign is a stop sign. Every time you see it, ask yourself (not your neighbors) where do I stand with God.

Einstein once said "God does not play dice with the Universe"


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