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Small Be Still Sign  Symbol Meaning

This Symbol represents your conscious contact with god. The spiritual actuality that is our true state. Just like this symbol is earthly and 3 dimensional in nature, god created or manifested us in a 3 dimensional world through his conscious thoughts.

The symbol also is a statement of faith and belief. As our world spins around we have a choice. It's called free will. It is the choice of being connected to God's Consciousness (plus circle) or not. All other choices are irrelevant. When we are connected to God we manifest his will. We become creators. We always do the next right thing. Our eyes are opened and we see the truth.

When not connected we live our lives blind. Our lives become immersed in a sea of negativity. Self will as it may be called. All our problems are not god's punishment. Without the connection which is your choice, you live in this circle (minus circle) . It is where evil exists. You'll know it by its fruits. Fear, hate, greed, war, starvation, pestilence, etc.

This represents God and Man (god and man). To make the (plus circle) and (minus circle) connect you must empty your mind of all worldly thoughts. Letting God's wave's rain down on you. Receive his Energy. To reach this state is to Be Still. It is the secret place where god manifests all of the positive forces in your life. When connected, it is possible for you to move mountains.
Consider this Symbol
Be Still Symbol
the Universal Stop Sign,,, literally
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